I help moms with young children overcome depression, anxiety and poor habits without medication or traditional therapy so they can experience a renewed sense of self and a newfound excitement for motherhood while reclaiming their true spirit.

Because It’s YOUR Turn!

As a Therapeutic Coach specializing in life purpose exploration, rapid healing hypnotherapy, and brain health and mental wellness, I support moms with young children and babies who need a holistic approach to healing past traumas while helping them plan and achieve their future goals.

I use a proprietary combination of creating a new life vision through understanding your personal mythology (what’s been driving your actions and behaviors your whole life that you didn’t even know was there), Rapid Healing hypnotherapy to cure your issue in one or two sessions, not years and helping you set a crystal clear path to craft and live your dream life while raising a happy, healthy family.

The core areas I specialize in include: depression, anxiety and stress, addiction or substance abuse, confidence and self-esteem (being enough and feeling like you matter), motivation, goal achievement, and weight loss.



At this time, I only work with clients in one-on-one coaching because I believe that my clients need and deserve a high level of support from me in order to break through barriers, achieve massive transformation and hit their scary goals faster than they ever thought possible.

If you’re a mom Who needs help with getting back to your true self, eliminating depression and anxiety, strengthening your mental wellness and brain health then let’s hop on the phone and see how we can work together to get you out of the fog and into a healthy and fulfilled life.

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