Hey, I’m Ashley… Nice to Meet You!

Therapeutic Coach and Rapid Healing Hypnotherapist


I help moms with young children & babies overcome depression, anxiety & stress without medication or traditional therapy.


∆ Is your life out of balance?

∆ Do you deal with bouts of depression, the baby blues or anxiety on a daily basis?

∆ Do you lack motivation and find yourself procrastinating on everything that needs to get done?

∆ Do you have past trauma or severe adversity that’s holding you back from personal and spiritual growth?

∆ Do you have doubts, fears and concerns about being enough, failing, or never achieving your dreams after becoming a mom?

∆ Do you lie awake at night anxious that the clock is ticking and worry that you might have to give up on your dream of ultimate happiness, fulfillment and abundance now that you’re a mom?

∆ Do you wish you you could love motherhood like all the other seemingly blissful moms on TV and social media?

∆ Do you really want a happy, meaningful and abundant life, but secretly believe that it’s not in the cards for you because you’ll have to put yourself last until your kids are grown and out of the house?

∆ Are you secretly TERRIFIED that you’ll end up at the end of your life regretting not living the life you truly wanted to live with purpose or that you didn’t raise your children to the best of your ability because your mental and physical health wasn’t up to par?


Trust me, i’ve been there.

I had my life all planned out right before I went to graduate school. That is…. until I found out I was pregnant right before I started school. Then after I had my first daughter, I found out 6 months later that I was pregnant again. My whole life changed and my plans for my dream life went right out the window.

It was extremely difficult for me to cope with ‘losing’ my identity to become a mother. And I’m not going to lie, sometimes it’s still tough. However, I realized that being a mom was part of my destiny and purpose in life, and now I embrace every second of it.

I’ve learned to go deep within myself to really uncover who I truly am, not what society or friends or family say I should be. Becoming a mother was life changing and I had to figure out how to keep my identity while being a mom - it wasn’t easy.

Perhaps you feel the same. Maybe you’re dealing with depression and anxiety, maybe even some detrimental habits like drinking, smoking, or worse. I know what you’re going through - I was there too.

I dealt with near debilitating postpartum and anti-natal depression, while trying to handle the pressures of graduate school and work. I didn’t want to take medication and even if I wanted to, there wasn’t anything safe enough to take.

I tried alternative methods like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and more to help ease my violent mood swings and help me be a better mom for my kids and spouse to my husband. All I can say is that what I learned and implemented changed my life for the better, and saved my family.

I’m also over seven years successfully sober. I spent a decade as a severe alcoholic and nearly died three times from it. I spent my time after getting sober doing a lot of soul searching to understand what happened to me. What I discovered was that my life was completely lacking purpose and meaning - which turns out is a big driver of addiction and substance abuse.

I’ve become a true master of turning my adversity into my power and using that as fuel to set solid goals and achieve them. It set me on a path to purpose discovery, which led to me entering a PhD in psychology program to specialize in consciousness and spirituality research with a focus on the journey of the soul.

Since getting sober, I’ve achieved so many things in my life that I never, ever thought I would, including living in Africa and doing field research on post-genocide resiliency in Rwanda and Uganda, consulting for the United Nations and International Rescue Committee, being in a documentary for CNN and produced by the production company that puts on the ESPYS, finishing my bachelors and going on to get my masters degree and now a PhD, having children, starting and running successful businesses, and more.

Today, I’m working on my Ph.D. in psychology with a focus on consciousness, spirituality and integrative health. My research focus is on life purpose and meaning, spirituality, the nature of the soul, consciousness and self healing via the subconscious mind.

I’m a Rapid Healing Hypnotherapist using a unique modality that helps my clients achieve transformation after one or only a few sessions rather than years of traditional therapy. Some topics addressed include depression, anxiety, weight loss, smoking, addiction, confidence and self-worth, physical pain, physical ailments and disease, and more.

I will soon be certified as a Canfield Success Principles trainer and am learning other modalities to tap into the power subconscious to permanently change behavior and instill success-inducing habits for my clients allowing what used to be a dreaded task to now be something that comes effortlessly and without thought.


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