Is Your Life A Dream?

So, is your life a dream? Do you have your dream career or business? Do you spend time with your loved ones? Do you have a hobby you’re passionate about? Are you making an impact or contribution that makes your heart sing? If not, then you’re not living a your dream life.

As humans we require balance in order to function at an optimal level both personally and professionally. By balance I mean being happy and fulfilled in all areas of your life, including your health, relationships, finances, contribution and service, intellectual and learning, spiritual, and fun and leisure.

Take a look at all of those areas of your life and see where you are lacking. It could be that your income is not as high as you’d like it to be. Or perhaps your relationship with your spouse is less intimate as you would like, or you’re still carrying that extra 10 pounds from the holidays that you want to get rid of.

Balance is crucial for a life worth living. Just take a look at nature. If something is out of balance in nature it’s either sick or going to die. The coral reefs in the ocean are a good example. There is an imbalance in the ocean that is causing them to die off, such as pollution, over fishing, and lack of food.

Humans can learn so much from nature as we are part of it. If part of your life is out of balance, you need to uncover what it is and think of ways to put it back into alignment with the other areas of your life. For instance, if you are miserable in your 9-5 then you should think seriously about why that is. What is making you unhappy in your job? Also think about what your most perfect job would look and feel like. When you have a good idea of what you do want and what you don’t want, you can begin to construct your ideal career and then devise ways to seek it out and make it happen.

Typically when people start thinking about a career or business that would fulfill them, it ties into what would give their life meaning. This is where understanding your life purpose will help you immensely if this is an area of your life that is out of balance.

Purpose and life meaning don’t just relate to your finances and wealth. Life purpose ties into every area of your life because it’s your purpose that drives you, but that drive is fueled by your passions. Understanding what you’re passionate about can help you carry out your life purpose.

Life purpose for some is a little woo-woo and don’t take it seriously. Some think it’s tied to religion or spirituality, which they also think is something religious. I want to deviate from the post a little bit to clear up this misconception. As a consciousness and spirituality researcher who focuses on life purpose and human potential, I can tell you that spirituality is not synonymous with religion. Spirituality is an experiential element that is often used to carry out religious traditions. It’s a ‘doing’ of something, such as seeking. When you hear about spiritual seekers, or just seekers, it means people who are searching for meaning or purpose in their life. Sometimes this can be tied to religion, but often times it isn’t.

Every human being on the planet has a purpose. I’m currently doing research on the nature of the soul and its relationship to spirituality and human consciousness. From what I’ve found, the soul is real and it is part of being human. The soul is where feelings, meaning, purpose, and inner knowing reside. Have you ever felt this pull or nudge to find something in your life, but you don’t know what that something is? Have you ever felt like you were missing a piece of yourself or that you weren’t quite whole, but couldn’t understand why?

Well, that’s because you haven’t figured out what your purpose in life is yet - that purpose can help you live your dream life full of wealth and prosperity, balance, happiness, fulfillment, joy, love, good health, gratitude, and altruism. Research shows that money isn’t what makes people happy or fulfilled, it’s being in service to others and making a positive impact in the world.

Understanding this can help you figure out what you would love to do (passions) and what makes your heart sing and feel full (purpose). One way to figure this out is to think about what experience you are always chasing after. What experience would you like to have all the time? How would you like to feel and act every day? What experience do you want others to have too? Chances are whatever this experience is you are chasing after and want others to have as well is your life purpose and will bring meaning to your life.

For example, I have been on a quest to understand human potential, what expanded knowledge and consciousness can do for the greater good of humanity, and how purpose plays a role in advancing the human species and saving our planet. I want to experience freedom, joy, love, and prosperity and I want others to experience the same. I know that this is totally possible if we’re living our life purpose in a passionate way.

This is why I do what I do! I’m a success coach for women, but success doesn’t just mean financial success. When I work with women we look at every aspect of their lives and see where there is a lack of balance and work on it to make it whole again and in alignment with the rest of their life. If a woman suddenly realizes that the job she thought she wanted 15 years ago no longer fulfills her and now she feels called to start a nonprofit, I help her figure out the goals and steps to make it happen while being in alignment with the rest of her life.

The key takeaway for you here is to first look at all the areas of your life I mentioned above and see where you’re out of alignment, why it’s out of alignment and what you can do to fix it. I also want you to take a good 90 minutes to contemplate about what experiences you want to have in life and what you would love for others to experience as well - this will give you a clue as to what your purpose in life is. Keep in mind that it may not be black and white. You may have to sit on what you uncover and see how it could align with your passions - this will give you an idea of what could make you fulfilled. Again, it doesn’t just apply to finances. You may find that your calling is to be a teacher in an underserved community, or an author who imparts wisdom and inspiration with your writing.

Whatever it is you discover, lean into it and trust the process.

In gratitude ~ Ashley